Taxisolutions at LPHCA National Forum

Taxi Tech to drive calls up in 2020 & beyond.

It’s been well over a year since the LPHCA’s National forum at Old Trafford in April of 2019. It was quite the event for private hire operators and licensed taxis showcasing new advances and innovation within the Taxi industry.

Although 2020’s event sadly didn’t come to fruition marred as many events have been by restrictions brought about by the Global Pandemic.

We thought it was worth a look back over the Technological advances of the past year and a half & how they’ve helped drive calls up with much-needed changes to operational procedures. In order to adapt to an age of social isolation through repeated lockdown and restrictions on businesses.

Ways in which tech has supported the industry to maintain operations and adjust to changes in demand for Taxis.

Increased Bookings with Taxi Bookers – the revolutionary booking system automates and captures bookings from many businesses looking for a reliable courier/delivery service to get their products to the consumer.

Most notably restaurants – With a strong shift to increased takeaway services offered to keep restaurants and pubs going many have looked to cost-effective delivery services. A no-hassle remote deployment of Taxibooker software to almost any Andriod device or Web browser from their local Taxi firm provides a simple 1 touch solution for getting food from the restaurant delivered to the consumer quickly and reliably.

Simple and easy to remote install and set up. Customize to your taxi firms branding Taxibooker has been a fantastic tool in keeping Taxi firms busy and drivers on the road.

Website Development – With the need to modernise and transform firms digitally, the website has become the new “Home-base” or Taxi office. Having a well designed and tailored Taxi website that works well on modern phones and devices and ranks you higher in Google with Strong SEO. Is VITAL in getting calls from people from their homes.
With Taxisolutions every aspect of your new website from initial design to copy writing is set to specifically promote your Taxi business online and see you ranked high in Google searches.

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more… Social Media has been instrumental in keeping customers informed of changes to taxi firms nationwide and reassuring them. Taxis are one of the safest modes of transportation and that needed to be communicated effectively to the public. There is no way better to get a message out there in this modern age than with unique social channels to raise your profile awareness and increase bookings

CallAds – Get your number called from the top of Google Now the need to be found online through Google has never been so high as people search from their homes for Taxis for essential journeys rather than walk-ins at the office. SEO is a big part of that but ranking purely through SEO takes time and continued effort to websites and social channels to pull you up the ranks.

Even getting calls is dependant on people finding your number online. So it is vital to be seen first and get your number or ebooking service to the top. Paid Ads get you noticed at that number 1 spot but the best part about CallAds is you never pay a penny for an ad that doesn’t get you calls. So you get results. The calls you do get cost very little (typically 30p a call) so this was generally where we see the biggest result for the least cost.

Review Master – Reputation Management Google Reviews are also a huge part of getting and keeping that top-ranking spot. So reviews and how you handle them are more important than ever.. After all not even Google will rank a company highly that doesn’t achieve good 4-5 star reviews and respond regularly.

This is where ReviewMaster has helped to fix the online reputation of 1000’s of Taxi companies pushing for positive reviews, raising their rating to 4 stars and higher and effectively doing all the hard work for you.

Customers searching for companies online pay more attention to reviews to reassure them that a company is following national guidelines and delivering on promises made on social media.

So getting that review score higher will ensure you get those calls in from your area.

These are just a few insights to how modern marketing and technology from Taxi Solutions has helped many Taxi firms just like yours, during the pandemic not only cope but Thrive.

Don’t miss the chance to see how Taxi Solutions can earn you more money and increase bookings for you… yes even during a Global Pandemic.

Give us a call or better yet Schedule a callback and the experts at Taxi Solutions will help with a strategy that’s right for you.

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