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If you are feeling overwhelmed by the variety of options and the conflicting advice on how best to set up your taxi office to move towards automation to offer reliable, quick and effective taxi dispatch and call handling, look no further. We are not biased or affiliated with any company; we offer impartial advice to optimise your private hire office for success.

Phone Lines

Analogue, ISDN, VOIP and SIP – what is the best option for your taxi business?

ISDN was the stalwart, the most trusted line in our industry and helped owners get a little more sleep as they were physical you could see them and rarely had issues.

BT have called time on ISDN and won’t be taking new orders quite soon.

Analogue, like home phone lines was more for fax lines or just used for the router to get a broadband connection

SIP is the newest edition to the Taxi phone line world and in basic terms lets your phone system make and receive calls through the internet.  SIP Lines or SIP Trunks are part of the technology being touted as VOIP.


SIP Trunks

SIP being the future of Taxi Private Hire phone lines deserves its own mention.

Cloud phone systems are only compatible with SIP Lines.

There are great cost savings to be had with our SIP Trunks solutions.

Got a phone system not compatible with SIP?

  • Speak to us about an upgrade with a low cost Hosted Phone System.

Need a non-geographic or memorable numbers on SIP?

  • We can cater your needs just get in touch.

Need a non-geographic or memorable numbers on SIP?

  • We can cater your needs just get in touch.


Full range of broadband available from ADSL and Fibre right through to Leased Lines.

With our industry knowledge we can provide cost effective broadband solutions with redundancy.

PC Hardware

Is it time to update your computers?

Is your computer running slow?

Do you have equipment that you’ve been bought but don’t know how to use?

Our full review will help you get the best out of your existing investments and help you to understand which are the must-have items for a growing taxi firm.

PC’s and Slimline Computers

IP Phones

Routers and Networks 

SMS Gateways

Driver Pay Machines

Free Phones

Taxi Bookers


Professional network cabling with Cat5 and Cat6.

Structured cabling gives the finishing touches to a modern office.

SIP Phones

Most popular SIP phones compatible with major telephone systems.

Provisioning and programming service.

Hosted telephone systems to connect to.

Remote site and remote office SIP phones.

Access to Polycom, Digium and Yealink plus other SIP Phone models.

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