ReviewMaster Increases your Google Ranking
With the 5-star reputation your Taxi firm deserves


ReviewMaster’s Algorithm works to get your Taxi Firm
5-star Google Reviews.

If you’re struggling to get the top spot in searches due to your online reputation if you’re suffering from a lack of regular, positive, 5-star reviews then you need ReviewMaster.

Reputation is everything in the taxi industry, and your online reputation is a huge part of getting and keeping your top spot in Google searches (SEO*).

Our revolutionary review management software, not only intelligently manages feedback it’s advanced AI also works to generate 5-star reviews and build your overall Google Star rating.

Taxi 5-star Google Reviews

*The skill of making you rank higher in search results is referred to as S.E.O. or Google Ranking.

For your Taxi Firm, this is how high up the list you appear when someone searches ‘Taxi near me’.

ReviewMaster is compatible with Autocab, iCabbi, iCabbiUK, ETGL & Cab9 Dispatch systems, 
available on Autocab Connect, & the iCabbi marketplace.


Long story short if you’re not in the top 3 results it’s unlikely you’re getting online customers which let’s face it..
Right now is a huge amount of your potential passengers.

ReviewMaster Features

  • 5-Star ReviewsA.I powered 5-Star review generator
  • Multi-site Rating BoostReviewMaster raises the profile of all your sites
    for total area dominance
  • Realistic, Personalised, Review ResponsesReviewMaster's Review Responder will handle review replies based on your settings
  • Intelligent AIAlgorithm powered machine learning improves rating FAST

ReviewMaster made its debut launching
at the 2019 LPHCA National Forum.

And was featured in PHTM’s Top Tech review for 2020


Taxi 5-star Google Reviews

What is ReviewMaster?

ReviewMaster quite simply is an automated tool compatible with Autocab, iCabbi, ETGLCab9 dispatch systems, that works around the clock to generate genuine 5-star reviews and respond to feedback from your customers.

We know from experience, that Taxi companies struggle with Google reviews, and working long hours there isn’t the time to sit and respond to every review to increase your Google ranking.

The standard options from your dispatch providers will usually get you more negative Google reviews than positive ones as people generally only ever make an effort to leave a review to vent their anger whenever they have had a bad experience. 

Happy customers usually don’t take the time to leave a review or realize the value it carries..

ReviewMaster goes a step further using its advanced algorithm to only target those customers who are likely to leave positive reviews but respond to reviews in a timely manner. This fully automated process will see the number of reviews you get from happy customers skyrocket, and improve your Google ranking through increased customer interaction.


ReviewMaster’s advanced AI will gain you more, regular, 5-star reviews from your satisfied customers, building trust in your taxi firm, and increasing your Google Ranking.


Build Customer Trust

Raise your Profile


Increase Five Star Reviews

Effectively Manage your Reviews

egtl dispatch compatible
icabbi compatible
Taxi 5-star Google Reviews

Let ReviewMaster - Review Responder
Manage your Google Reviews!

ReviewMaster’s ReviewResponder function will ensure you never miss a review response!

Responding to reviews is important in getting your Taxi Firm ranked high in Google searches and keeping it there. An active Google profile that engages with its customers will always rank higher than one that doesn’t. But there isn’t always time in the day (or night) to keep up with your reviews, 24/7, 365 days a year…

That’s where ReviewMaster – ReviewResponder comes in, the AI reads the review & selects the appropriate response from a bank of tailored responses, you don’t need to do a thing!

So whilst your busy with other things or simply taking a break to spend time with family you know you’re Google reviews are in hand and should you want to, you can set a delay to ReviewResponder should you want to tackle the trickier reviews or give a uniquely personal response.

*ReviewResponder is now also available as a stand-alone product*

  • Manage FeedbackIntelligently Managed Responses
  • Build Google RankingEngage with your customers
Taxi 5-star Google Reviews

So how does ReviewMaster & ReviewResponder
help you rank higher?

Well, it comes down to how Google works, just like a real person Google will look at your business page, your website, your online posts, and more importantly your reviews and decide if it should recommend you above your competitors.


Generating a higher star rating and being active in your responses to feedback
will identify you as a company that should be recommended higher in search results.


All this translates to alot of work.. especially for taxi firms that operate 24/7.

That’s where the power of ReviewMaster’s 5-star management comes in, taking care of your reviews automatically.

ReviewMaster’s 5-star review management will analyse your reviews and respond automatically from a bank of appropriate responses, ensuring that your customers feel valued and acknowledged and also boosting your business’ ranking

ReviewMaster also uses advanced AI to target positive reviewers and gets them to leave a review, to properly represent your service.

Taxi 5-star Google Reviews

Case Study - ReviewMaster & Review Responder

Let’s look at the results you can expect from running ReviewMaster & Review Responder together in your Taxi firm.

Here we have one of our clients who’s previous ranking was severely limiting their bookings, In just a few months of running ReviewMaster, they’ve transformed their business to be number 1 in their area.

Before ReviewMaster

Taxi 5-star Google Reviews

Low star ratings and lack of regular reviews, and no responses.

This account was in serious need of the ReviewMaster treatment it will be a lot of work to get this to a score that will be recommended, but with consistent responses and higher average star reviews, from ReviewMaster it’s still possible to turn even this kind of disaster around.

But remember bad reviews stick and for best results, prevention is always easier than a cure. If you find your reviews and responses slipping… Get ReviewMaster

Taxi Reviews Mastered

Taxi 5-star Google Reviews

High star rating lots of regular reviews all with responses.

ReviewMaster’s AI and machine learning captures regular, high star reviews from satisfied customers, building trust in a matter of months reviews that accurately represented the quality of service took this account to a score it deserved and earned it the top spot in Google searches for their area.

Now with ReviewMaster set to manage responses on the account consistently, not missing a review day or night, they can maintain their top spot as the number 1 firm for the area and focus on other areas of their business.

Taxi 5-star Google Reviews


Here’s what some of our clients have to say about how ReviewMaster has transformed their Taxi firm.


Abacus & Falmouth Taxis

“We got 13 five-star reviews in just 6 days
with ReviewMaster
compared to 24 reviews in 3 years.

I can’t recommend this highly enough.”

Managing Director – Tom Arrington

Road Runners Taxis, Leeds

“Part of our rebranding identified that our Google Star Rating really needed looking at. The TaxiSolutions Boys installed Google ReviewMaster and we’ve never looked back.

After a free trial at our first office we signed up and installed it at our second office aswell..”

Manager – Ash Mahmood

Drive Taxis in Hull

Our driver ratings in iCabbi were much higher than our Google Reviews
and we didnt know why.
The team at TaxiSolutions implemented ReviewMaster & our 5 star reviews
on Google rocketed up.

Owner – Chris Hall

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