Why Taxi Firms NEED 5-star Google Reviews

Taxi Firms NEED 5-star Google Reviews

It goes without saying that the basis of all forms of commerce is trust. In the taxi business, as you provide a service, a company’s reputation is the most important factor. Reputation controls how many customers you can attract and how many calls you get.

Sometimes, that can be a little problematic for a budding young company that has yet to carve its name out in the world.

Often, companies with wonderful and innovative ideas ready to disrupt the market for the better get shot down because they don’t have an established 5-star reputation.

To prevent that, a company should work to build positive feedback from customers, and the easiest way to do that is by appreciating 5-star Google reviews.

Taxi 5-star Google Reviews

Why Google Reviews are the
Most effective

Google is a household name. When wanting to find an answer to a question most people would say “Google It” In fact, almost every device on the internet uses Google services without even knowing about it.

Whether you like it or not, nobody else has the public reach across every market that Google does. It’s firmly embedded in modern culture and you can easily take advantage of that factor.

Encourage customers to post reviews on Google. One good idea that is quite easy to implement is to incentivize giving positive reviews on Google. For example, you can offer a discount on taxi rides or an entry into a draw for an Amazon voucher. With whatever you offer always look to appeal to a wide audience with something that’s useful to everyone.

How positive reviews help your rankings

SEO is important because it puts you higher on the list of search results whenever someone searches “taxi services near me”. This means more people will select your service since you’ll be more convenient to find.

If you have an excellent overall review score, with many 5-star reviews and only a few negative ones, your company will benefit in the form of having good SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

The more positive reviews you have, the better Google services will rank your company overall, pulling you to a higher level in the list of returned search results.

ReviewMaster helps you rack up great reviews

One of TaxiSolution’s most popular services we offer to Taxi firms using iCabbi and Autocab dispatch systems is ReviewMaster.

ReviewMaster is a powerful & time-saving tool in increasing SEO & Google Ranking yet still simple to use.

ReviewMaster is compatible with both Autocab and the iCabbi family of dispatch systems and offers sophisticated algorithms that ensure you get the most positive reviews possible. It will help push you to the top of any search result page and bring in many more customers than before.

ReviewMaster is so superb in collecting 5-star reviews because it is powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence designed to efficiently manage your data and push you higher in Search Engine Optimization.

What’s more is that thanks to the easy-to-integrate nature of the service, we can remote deploy ReviewMaster software to your existing iCabbi or Aautocab dispatch system. No additional equipment required!

Discover how ReviewMaster & ReviewResponder push you up Google Rankings!

Interested in Ranking your business higher in Google Results for more Calls ?

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