QR Taxi Booker

With Advanced QR Technology, Automate & Capture bookings from Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Reception Desks and more…

Without the need for Expensive Android/ Phone/ PDA Devices

Key Benefits:

  • Simple Setup at any Venue or Location
  • Reduce costs by taking automated bookings without hardware
  • Save on Maintainance & Replacement of booking devices
  • Offer Venue Kickbacks at no cost to Firm with Custom Fare Increases
  • 100% COVID safe without the need for sanitisation

QR Taxi Booker

The Future of Taxi Booking from Bars & Restaurants, Hotels, Reception Desks, and many more..

Booking a Taxi with a QR Taxi Booker is as Easy as 1 – 2 – 3

1. Scan
2. Book
3. Go

The future of Taxi Booking is here.

 QR TaxiBooker is a revolutionary concept from TaxiSolutions.

No devices, just Advanced QR Code technology that allows the customer to Scan with their own phone, set a destination and book instantly.

With all the features you’ve come to expect from a Taxi booker:
Price quote, ETA, real-time driver tracking, notifications & more.

No App downloads, no call queues, no confusion, no device rental. 

What can you put your QR codes on? Well, the options are near limitless:

EPOS points, Displays, A3 Banners, A0 posters & more…

What is QR Taxi Booker?

Scan - Book - Go
The Future of Taxi Booking from Bars & Restaurants, Hotels, Reception Desks, and many more..

QR Taxi Booker is the smart, cost-effective solution to dominating your area increasing local bookings at:
Busy bars, restaurants, hotels, reception desks, and more…


QR Taxi booker provides local businesses with a convenient way to deliver excellent customer service whilst saving time and money for business. With kickbacks and custom fares additional revenue could reach the thousands in high demand areas making this an attractive option to taxi firms and local businesses alike to not just save but generate extra income.

QR Taxi booker allows firms to generate a steady stream of Local jobs from high footfall areas, keeping drivers busy and local whilst leaving the rival competition in the area struggling with less efficient booking methods.

QR Taxi booker is User-friendly, keeping the same core function of Taxibooker for android devices, QR booker goes further, no downloads, no delays, already preset to venue location, the customer only needs to choose their destination, check the quote, leave their details & book with just a tap.

Bookings receive real-time updates with customer notifications direct to their own devices.

QR Taxi Booker adheres to all major Taxi regulatory bodies and local council enforcement.

QR Taxi Booker – The Future of Taxi Booking

International Coverage

QR TaxiBooker, promoting venue loyalty and taxi automation around the world.

With the translations in place for most major languages, the roll-out of QR Taxi Bookers in your country is just as easy as in the UK.

English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and more

If you’re thinking of a multi-lingual taxi booking solution…
Then think QR TaxiBooker for your hotels & other high traffic venues.

Simple & easy to setup, without expensive device costs, maintenance or upkeep
QR Taxi Booker is the perfect choice for your venues.

Supporting customisation and reporting with the taxibooker portal included to keep track of your bookings and accounts.

Get Started Today & See The Results:

Fully Integrated with AutoCab, iCabbi & ETGL  Dispatch Systems.
Support for Cordic is offered through our CabGuru partnership.

QR Taxi Booker fully integrated with

Autocab Ghost Dispatch System.

QR Taxi Booker is available soon from Autocab Connect

QR Taxi Booker is fully compatible with

iCabbi & ETGL taxi dispatch systems.

See iCabbi marketplace for more information.

QR Taxibooker also available for 

Cordic taxi dispatch systems.

Contact Cab Guru for more information.

QR Taxi Booker – Scan - Book - Go


Wellman Cars Hamilton

“I cannot praise TaxiSolutions enough.
We have had a Tablet with the TaxiBooker App
in a hotel
in our area and it was working great.”

“This new QR Taxibooker however is a real game changer! 
Staff and customers alike are very happy with the product, allowing them to book quickly, accurately and easily through the integration to our dispatch system.”

Clare WelshWellman Cars Hamilton

Drive Taxis Hull

“Big thank you to Taxi Solutions Mark Gallon & Salman Zaidi for their help”

“Putting in place a daily automated process has helped us grow above all other Hull Taxis Firms

Love the product guys, innovative solution for a real taxi industry issue”

Chris HallDrive Hull

City Taxis Sheffield

“QR TaxiBooker is been a huge improvement on our previous booking devices.
The ability to easily put a QR code in hotel receptions with branding has been fantastic.

Added to the fact we can configure the Taxibooker remotely from the portal to switch on features such as customer name, number, and destination makes it so simple”

Arnie SinghCity Taxis Sheffield
QR Taxi Booker – Scan - Book - Go

About Taxisolutions

TaxiSolutions specialises in working with private hire taxi firms to help increase profits and deliver their growth plan.

With years of experience in the industry, our team of experts can provide you with a competitive edge. QR Taxibooker is just one of many products and services designed by our team of experts to take your business to new heights.

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Instrumental In the Growth of Many Taxi Firms:

QR Taxibooker - Scan - Book - Go

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