Call Ads – Get More Calls And Bookings

Call Ads - get more calls and bookings

Get More Calls.. Fast

Get more calls and bookings with our Managed Ads package

Call Ads online advertising gets you quality calls with a targeted advertising strategy that increases calls from the areas you want at the times you need increasing your profits from just 35p per call.

You don’t have to take our word for it our detailed reports show you exactly what you’re getting.

Call Ads from TaxiSolutions, provides instant benefits over alternatives, ensuring you rank as number 1 for online searches, improving your Brand visibility & increasing profits FAST

  • Advertise your ServicePay As You Go
  • Get More CallsOnly Pay per Click or Call
  • Increase your ProfitsFrom as low as 35p a call*

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Call Ads – From TaxiSolutions

How It Works

Using the power of online advertising, ads are shown to users when they perform an online search or visit certain websites.

Call Ads from TaxiSolutions, provides instant benefits over alternatives, it keeps your ad at the top of search engines, and you can have complete control over who sees it, when and at what times.

Improving your Brand visibility & bringing in faster returns.

We start off small so you can see return even with a low budget.

Call ads provides us  with the data so we can see what works for you, constantly switching off what doesn’t and supercharging what does..

In this way you get increasing profits over time as we get you more results for less.

Once we have a low cost per call for you we can increase your budget to see MASSIVE returns.

The longer we go the lower we can get the cost per call to as low as 35p per call

…But the best bit is this is totally pay as you go it doesn’t cost you a penny, that’s right you heard me.

You only pay when someone clicks to call you to book.

This means you ONLY PAY the charge PER CALL which is typically as low as 35p per booking.

With a drastic increase in bookings the results, speak for themselves*.

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*Typical results based on an initial 1 month period results may vary.




Call Ads – From TaxiSolutions

What Makes Us Different?

TaxiSolutions has worked alongside the Taxi industry for 20+ years, we understand the unique challenges Taxi firms face. We provide support and systems that work, to help you adapt to the digital age and keep up with the big corporations.

We’re here to support and build your business. After all our business is built on making yours a success.

Here are some of the ways TaxiSolutions differs from other Marketing Agencies:

We Advertise YOUR Business Not Ours

Unlike other companies we direct customers to your website, not ours, the customers, calls and data all go straight to you. You wont see mention of our name in your adverts.

We Put YOU In Control

You can choose the areas you want to focus on, or the days you need more calls, you control how much you want to spend.

We Build YOUR Brand

The purpose of our advertising is to have your company be the first that comes to mind when thinking of Taxis

As part of our total service we will assist you in promoting your brand identity across platforms.

We Give YOU Clear & Open 360° Reporting.

Our regular weekly reports are both detailed and easy to follow. We show you exactly what you’re getting.

The calls you get from our adverts and when you get them, so you can easily see along with your own call logs exactly what you’re getting in return for what you’re spending.

Call Ads – From TaxiSolutions


Warrington Cars

We’ve been running call ads for just over 2 months now
and already we’ve seen 3 times the call volumes!

We’re now paying just 35p per call with over 800 calls
just from Call ads so far this month! 

It’s the turn around we needed after months of reduced work due to lockdown..

I can’t recommend this highly enough.

AdamWarrington Cars

Arrow Taxis

I didn’t really understand how it all worked, I’d heard of many people saying online advertising just doesn’t work.

But when they told me I’d only pay per call we got I didn’t have anything to lose.

I signed up for a week trial and saw an increase in calls straight away, I’m looking forward to seeing my call cost reduce as the money continues to roll in.

If you’re unsure, sign up give it a shot, you wont regret it!

MahmoodArrow Taxis

Call Ads - Get More Calls And Bookings Now

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