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About Our In Car Communications

Taxi radios were our bread and butter, but in-car technology has moved on, and so have we.  We now offer all the latest mobile handsets and data SIMs to powerfully enable your taxi business.


Your drivers will love the ease of use of our latest selection of large screen, touch screen mobile devices and PDAs that work beyond the radio range of your taxi office. Whatever equipment you are using, we can offer competitively priced devices to keep you moving with the times.

  • PDA Upgrades
  • Mobile Devices
  • Accessories
  • Data SIMs
  • Set-Up Support
  • Voice SIMs

How we can support your taxi business

PDA Upgrades

If you are still using mobile radios in your minicabs, it might be time to get set up with the latest technology.

Data SIMs

Your latest mobile devices will need a data SIM, we have some great deals on data only SIMs to keep your taxis connected.

Mobile Devices

Many devices can double up as a mobile phone, ask us for details of our latest selection of dual SIM devices.

Set-up Support

If you aren’t the most technical, don’t worry, we’ll get you up and running. We’ll ensure your SIMs are registered and your device is ready to go out of the box so your drivers don’t miss a fare.


Handsets, earpieces, dashboard fixings and charging cables are all available from us. We’ll get you set up to ensure your taxi drivers are safe and in full control with full hands-free solutions.

Voice SIMs

With many devices offering dual SIM options, you might like to look at a data and voice SIM device for your in-taxi devices, we can support you with the right choice for your minicab drivers.

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  • Increase Turnover

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