As Featured in PHTM May 2020

ReviewMaster Voted Top Software For Taxi Firms in 2020 by PHTM. ReviewMaster has been hailed as one of the most important tools in ranking your business higher in Google searches by increasing your firm’s Google review Score.

The standard tools from iCabbi & other dispatch providers only prompt users for reviews on journey completion The downside of this, which you may have experienced is that people are more likely to only take the time to leave a review for a bad experience.

So the standard tools lead to reviews that are actually detrimental to your business reputation and actually negatively affect your Google Ranking and SEO.

This is because Google’s algorithm just like a real person will only recommend companies that seem to be active and have a large number of positive reviews… you wouldn’t recommend a business that looks like it repeatedly lets down its customers now, would you?

Why was ReviewMaster Voted Top Software For Taxi Firms in 2020?

ReviewMaster goes the extra mile with an advanced algorithm to only target users that are likely to leave you a positive score. And now with our new autoresponder feature, you can actually set the AI to intelligently respond to your reviews for you.

So night and day 24/7 365 days a year you can be sure that ReviewMaster will work tirelessly to get you the Google Rating you ultimately deserve.

And this powerful tool can also work on multiple sites at once so the bigger your Taxi firm the more impact ReviewMaster will have working to bring all your sites to the top of Google for total dominance of your area.

And it is for this reason that we were recommended as TOP Tech for any Taxi firm in 2020 by PHTM Magazine.

Right now we have a Free Trial of ReviewMaster available to iCabbi users, so if you want more info or to experience the power of Google Ranking with ReviewMaster..

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