How Important Are Online Reviews?

So just how important are online reviews to businesses? Very few businesses tend to rely as closely on reviews as those in the service industry and those with a strong online marketing presence (which by now is almost all businesses).

In fact, the word ‘rely’ doesn’t do justice to how crucial reviews are to service-based and product-driven businesses. Your business will thrive or suffer according to how many reviews you get, and how many of those reviews shine a positive light on your operations. 

Review Engagement & Responses not only show good
customer service, It also ACTIVELY works to build your quality score & SEO Ranking.


good review

Review Responder handles this process so you don’t have to…


How do I Manage My Online Reviews?

Of course, when you begin to deal with customers numbering in the thousands per day, it might simply not be cost-effective for you to pay the hours required to go to each review left and respond. Or it may just be the case that there’s simply not enough time in a day.

This is a problem – unresponsive customer support is a hallmark of a failed business practice. Soon, you might find your rankings falling and your revenue decreasing as people associate bad business practices with your brand. Bad practices stick. Once you let things slip it becomes a huge task to turn things back around.


How does SEO
affect my Taxi business online?

When a customer wants to order a cab, think about their state of mind. They’re probably in a hurry, under stress, and desperate to get somewhere.

This means they’re a lot less choosy about which company they contract to go places. As a result, you could expect them to go with the very first service that pops up. 

This is a unique opportunity because the first two or three websites to show up on search engines will take the majority of customers. In other words, if your business isn’t in the top three search results, then it’s not going to get clicks either. 

Taxi 5-star Google Reviews
Taxi 5-star Google Reviews

With our Review Responder service, you can expect to rise in any search engine. We highly recommend this service for taxi companies, but it is not restricted to just that field – any online page can highly benefit from Review Responder. 

Essentially, Review Responder will generate timely responses to every single review you receive based on rating.

For example, if it detects a high rating, like a five-star review, it will automatically generate a response thanking the customer for their review.


ReviewMasters' Review Responder

If, however, someone leaves a negative assessment of your service, Review Responder will automatically send a complaint form to that customer. You may not be able to change the quality of service provided to a disgruntled customer, even with the best intentions you can’t expect to please everyone, but you can improve and show growth by handling complaints in the right way.

This protects your reputation and in many cases even improves it. Customers leave less scathing remarks when they feel heard and this is one way that Review Responder will generate more positive interactions

In the end, a good name is worth more than money. The positive interactions you garner on Google will increase the number of new customers through Google’s referral and ranking algorithm and place you closer to the coveted number one spot on search result pages.

Try out Google Responder from ReviewMaster and see the benefits for yourself. 

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