10 Reasons Google Ads are a Vital First Step for your Business.

As we know, businesses that don’t ‘move with the times’ and adapt to the changes in their market find it impossible to grow.

Instead, owners end up bogged down in the day to day running of the business, they chase around trying to plug the holes in their business like a ship that’s sprung a leak.

The best First Step to grow your business is to build your revenue so that you can invest in the future. Investment in the future is key.

What you’re looking for is something that works, something that is going to increase your profits today, to keep your head above water whilst not costing you and your business the earth.

What you’re looking for is Google Ads..

Here are 10 Reasons Google Ads are a Vital First Step
for the Growth of your Business:

1. Brand Awareness

Digital advertising specifically Google Ads has revolutionized the way brands do their advertising.

With Google Ads, you can advertise people when they are searching, specifically for Taxi’s, in the search engine. 

Now just with that, you’re already over halfway to finalizing a booking. You can increase your chances further as well as the number of people who see your ad, by targeting people on other websites through ‘Google Display Network’. 

These ‘Google Display Network’ websites have ads that display based on what the user has searched for recently. This brings your brand back to the forefront of their mind’s when they consider using Taxi services.

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2. Faster Results Than SEO

Through search engines, Taxi businesses have the golden opportunity to come in front of people at the exact time when they are looking out for their product or service.

This is key as it alot easier to sell something to someone who already knows what they are looking for.

But as we’ve said, if the opportunity is so big, the competition will be equally high. That’s why organically ranking on search engines is time-consuming and a highly specialised task.

With Google Ads, businesses can get the results much faster. Obviously, there is competition here as well. But the good news is with the correct use and optimisation of keywords, audience targeting, and bid amounts, you have complete control over who sees the ads and when for as little as 40p per booking.

SEO with proper optimization of the websites and increasing credibility from authorized websites through backlinking you can obtain really good results for free, organically, (and you absolutely should) but it takes time.

Making sure you’re the number 1 choice though Google AdWords right now you can, bring in great ROI (Return On Investment).

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3. Outranking Your Competitors

Google Ads provides a smarter way to beat your competitors and secure bookings.

Let’s say you have tight competition with one of the taxi firms in your area and you suspect that most of your customers are shared with them. To back that up, Google Ads can show that most of the time, this competitor outranks you on Google. 

With Google Ads, you can choose to adjust how much you pay for your ad to ‘outrank’ the competition. 

Outranking the competitor’s Ads so yours is the first Ad to be seen, can be referred to as one of the most essential benefits of Google Ads.

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4. Influence The Audience.

How many times do you make a purchase or sign up for a service when you visit a website for the first time? The common answer is very rarely!

The reason is, that all the information is available at the tips of your fingers and before making any purchase decision, the consumer generally does a lot of research or compares different options, and THEN takes the decision.

Now the Taxi industry can be a little different, often day to day, when people need a taxi, they hit the search engine and choose the first one locally.


What separates the most successful firms from the rest is having built a brand whereby when people want taxis, they’re first to be recommended

The more work you do into building your brand online the more the answer for a recommended taxi company is going to be you.

So even within the Taxi industry, It is crucial to influence the decision of people who have visited your website for whatever reason. With Google Ads’ remarketing ads, this process is very simple and effective. 

A prospective audience that visited your website through any source can be categorized and targeted on other websites which display relevant ads based on Google’s settings.

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5. Encourage Those Most Likely to Book

With Google Ads, using keyword search data it’s possible to show ads to the audience who are most likely to make a booking

Calculated based on previous conversion data and the combination of various sources like location, device, model, browser, time of the day, the day of the week etc.

Targeting those more likely to need your services in this way, will see an increase in bookings. 

But how will you know what changes are the most effective?

Google Ads has an option to experiment with one change per ad and test over a period of time, whether the original or the experiment delivered the better result. In this way, you can continually improve your ads performance achieving better results and lowering costs further over time.

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