3 Reasons Why Taxi Firms Need Social Media

1. Increase Bookings

You want to increase bookings, and customers want to book a taxi quickly and easily. If you’re not at the top of search engine rankings, you’re missing vital bookings. Search engine ranking and website traffic are key! Creating social media channels and posting regular, engaging content is a cost-effective way to boost your company’s visibility and website ranking. Engage with your local community, sports clubs, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues to make your taxi firm the go-to choice.

2. Effective Recruitment

Call centre staff are expensive, automation reduces your reliance on call handlers and improves the customer booking experience through smart IT. Social media is the perfect platform to promote your booking app; customers want a fast, reliable and efficient booking experience. Promoting the features and benefits of taxi tracking and booking of your app on social media will increase downloads. You can increase brand loyalty as the app is always on your customer’s phone, reducing the likelihood of booking with a competitor and alleviates the demands on the traditional call centre staff.

3. Reduce Costs through Automation

Recruiting drivers is challenging, expensive and time-consuming. Social media can be a quick, effective recruitment tool. Traditional methods of recruitment are expensive, so social media is the perfect tool to attract new drivers to your business at a very low cost. Create a buzz around your taxi firm through engaging content, tell a story and sell why you’re the taxi firm to work for, with flexible working hours and great rates of pay!

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