Why Samsung A10 is the best replacement phone for J3 within the taxi industry

How Samsung A10 will help your Taxi Business

We know that you loved Samsung J3. Since the J3 has been discontinued, there is an urgent need for it to be replaced to ensure the smooth running of your taxi business. Luckily, Samsung brought out the A10. It is the ideal device for you to use with your taxi dispatch systems (iCabbi, Autocab, Cordic, Cab Treasure, Infocab). Having all the qualities of the ever-popular J series, Samsung A10 delivers even more useful features.

Key features of Samsung galaxy A10:

  • Dual Sim- so you will only need to carry one device for business and personal use
  • Large 6.2” Display
  • 30% more battery power than J3
  • Android 9 (latest Android interface)
  • Faster Processor (the response time is quicker)
  • Double storage (more space for you to save you files, apps, songs, videos) than J3

Bigger screen and even faster than Samsung J3

The Samsung Galaxy A10 has a 30% longer battery life than Samsung J3. This is will give you plenty of usage between charges. With a handy additional feature, you will still be able to operate the phone, even if its battery is low. This efficient management will turn off background apps automatically and give you enough power until you can get to a power source to plug in and recharge.
The most important feature that Samsung Galaxy A10 offers is the screen size. Being as slim as the J3 (7.9 mm), it has a 6.2screen. That is considerably bigger than J3 which has only 5.0”. That comes handy for the taxi drivers, especially when they have to check and operate the screen at all times.

Samsung A10-the perfect phone for the taxi industry

Samsung A10 is the perfect phone for your taxi drivers as it has all the previous qualities of J3, including Samsung’s renown build quality, plus enhanced battery life, bigger screen and even 32 GB compared to 16 GB (J3).

Our taxi specialists say:

“Taxi Solutions can pre-configure your devices if requested the driver app. Leaving you, only one task of switching on.”

-Mark Gallon, CEO of Taxi Solutions-

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