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Reputation Manager

Years to build - minutes to ruin

Reputation Matters

Your online reputation matters – a lot! It takes years to build minutes to destroy. This is why its important to keep it maintained and managed properly. Customers who are happy and leave feedback are sure to be back using you again, on the other hand, people who have a bad service are going be sure to leave you a negative review and share it online for others to see!


Not only does your reputation establish trust with your passengers and future customer base but Google also favors businesses that receive regular positive reviews. 

This can be very difficult to manage, especially when you deal with 1000’s of passengers and no way to directly contact them to ask for feedback!


This is where we come in, we provide a text back service that can integrate with your existing taxi dispatch software system – which sends out a link to review your business after they’ve left a cab!


  • Increase Positive Reviews
  • Improve Google Position
  • Built Trust & Loyalty
  • Win More Jobs

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Our guarantees to you!

  • Increased App Downloads
  • Reach out to new passengers
  • Increase Turnover

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