PHTM EXPO Updates to Services

PHTM Software & Service updates: Taxibooker 2.0,
ReviewMaster, Recruitment campaigns, Social media and more…

We had a BLAST showcasing ReviewMaster & the Taxibooker 2.0 update at PHTM EXPO 2021 last week, chatting with everyone who stopped by, but with so many faces it’s hard to give our full attention to everyone…

So we thought we’d add an update to our blog to keep those who didn’t attend and those who we didn’t get a chance to catch.

We’ve really missed events since 2020’s covid pandemic, and its impact on the industry, so we’re making up for lost time with over 5 events just this quarter!

It’s safe to say we’re enjoying getting back out on the road.

But it’s not to say we’ve not been resting up this last year…

We’ve worked hard to provide support to the industry to help counter pandemic-related problems. Modernising firms and bringing them into the digital age with our award-winning software, tech, and marketing solutions.

But I’ll be frank all we’ve seen the past few months is local cab firms struggling across the country struggling to recruit, struggling to meet demand, manage angry customers… and being bought out.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

Here are some of the key updates we’ve made to support taxi firms:

The roll our of FREE Update to Taxibooker

The revolutionary booking system that automates and captures bookings from local businesses, now in partnership with Cabguru, also supports CORDIC dispatch systems!

As well as adding for all major dispatch systems* ETA and PRICE QUOTE.

Linked directly to the dispatch system now the customers will know how long to expect to wait and the price before they book.

All this added for no extra cost as well as live updates, vehicle selection, and all the features you’d expect from the best taxi booker on the market, increasing jobs through automation whilst still at the same low, low pricing.

Simple and easy to remote install, set up, and customize to your taxi firm’s branding and unique settings in real-time.

Taxibooker has fantastic potential to take over the way taxis’ are booked saving on costs and even generating money! Secure automated taxibookers for your area to beat the competition.

And we’re not stopping here either, there are big plans for Taxibooker for the future, so be sure to get onboard for the ride.

(*Autocab, iCabbi, etgl, Cordic, Cabguru)

Website Development

Websites aren’t just “for show” when built well they increase your SEO ( Search ranking) will actively increase your online visibility and bookings. So many companies don’t have a website or Google My Business and those that do are set up so poorly they actually have a negative effect on ranking…

With Taxisolutions every aspect of your new website from the look and design to the text is set to specifically promote your business online and see you ranked high in Google searches.

Social Media Services

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more… Social Media has taken over so much of our lives is the first thing people look at in the morning and the last thing they look at at night. Thousands of hours spent scrolling, proves there’s is no way better way to promote your business in this modern age than with unique social channels to raise your profile awareness and increase bookings

CallAds – Get your number called from the top of Google

Getting calls now is even more dependant on people finding your number online than before as everyone’s phone is connected, it’s often the first place they go to find a number.

So it is vital to be seen first in a search and get your number or e-booking service to the top. Paid Ads get you noticed at that number 1 spot but the best part about CallAds is you never pay a penny for an ad that doesn’t get you calls. So you get results. The calls you do get cost very little (typically 30p a call) so this was generally where we see the fastest results for the least cost.

Review Master – Reputation Management

Google Reviews are also a huge part of getting and keeping that top-ranking spot. So reviews and how you handle them are more important than ever…

After all not even Google will rank a company highly that doesn’t achieve good 4-5 star reviews and respond regularly.

This is where ReviewMaster has helped to fix the online reputation of 1000’s of Taxi companies running on iCabbi, etgl, and Autocab dispatch systems, pushing for positive reviews, raising their rating to 4 stars and higher, effectively doing all the hard work for you.

Simply put Reviews matter… A LOT

So getting that review score higher will ensure you get those calls in from your area.

The help and support is available, so don’t struggle alone or fall in line with a company that promises to help but takes a percentage of all your hard work. Come chat with us and we’ll show you another way.

Give us a call or better yet Schedule a callback and the experts at Taxi Solutions will help with a strategy that’s right for you.

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